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I met alot of new friends at Boys & Girls Clubs. I met my best friends.

 10 Reasons to Love Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove

Written by Matthew N.
5th Grader at Post Elementary

Let me share with you some amazing facts about Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove and reasons to why it is so fun. All the reasons I am about to tell you are true. I would never lie about Boys & Girls Clubs.

Reason #1: Sports

I love BGC because it is like an extra free world, with sports teams such as basketball, football, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. Sports are so fun because you stay active, learn good sportsmanship, and make new friends from other schools.

Reason #2: Activities

All Boys & Girls Clubs activities are fun for me because it gives me a good feeling inside. Even if it’s an activity that I don’t expect, I treat it with respect. One thing good about activities are sometimes you get to be in it with your best friends.

Reason #3: The Club Itself

The Clubs are like promises; you have to come every day. I like to go to the Club because I might be an expert someday. The Clubs I join make me feel honored and welcomed. I love everyone in the Club and I like to help them out. I am pleased to have these people in the Club. Clubs sometimes can make a big difference in your life.

Reason # 4: The Staff

Staff members are great leaders to us. They make sure we are always safe, show us that they really care, treat us with respect, and they try to make you happy every day, every time.  They try to be as nice as they can to you. To me, the staff is the most important part of Boys & Girls Clubs. You have lots of fun with the staff around.  The best staff members are the coordinators because they set up cool stuff for us like fantastic parties. They are the best to all us children.  They are the world’s best leaders.

Reason # 5: PowerHour

In addition, at Boys & Girls Clubs we do something called PowerHour, an hour dedicated just for homework. Something cool about PowerHour is after you finish your homework, you read for twenty minutes, write a summary, then a fun worksheet. It’s awesome.

Reason #6: Family Nights

Family nights are very fun and special. At family nights, kids usually go up stage and show their talent.  Families love to see all kids’ talent. Talent shows are a chance you show everybody you are brave.

Reason # 7: Snacks

Every day we have a snack. We eat healthy food like carrots and apples. Snacks make your brain think harder and work stronger. Snack time starts about 3:40-4:10, which is a really good amount of time to eat your snack. Snacks are good for all kids.

Reason # 8: Free Play

Free play is once a week on Wednesday, because we get out of school early those days. The playground has lots of fun things you could use.  Some kids play different sports or games such as water balloon fights. They try to have as much fun as they can in one hour.

Reason # 9: Scientists

Once a year scientists come to Boys & Girls Clubs to teach us about earth science. Scientists do really awesome projects. You can remember it, learn it, and study it. Science is something important to learn.

Reason #10: Field Trips

Field trips are when you go to some place special, especially with your friends. It is a fantastic and joyful place to learn more about. It is fun because it is like a picnic with someone.

My experience about Boys & Girls Clubs is wonderful.  I think Boys & Girls Clubs is a little too much fun. I met a lot of new friends at Boys & Girls Clubs. I met my best friends. Well, actually everybody is my best friend.

Boys & Girls Clubs rocks!

Quote: “I met a lot of new friends at Boys & Girls Clubs. I met my best friends.”

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