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BGCGG is such a blessing that this family can't thank them enough.

 This story is about a fun and loving, everyday, typical, young family.

Written by Jacqueline Teave

September 2008: Happy Little Family


Daddy worked full-time and Mommy stayed home with the baby when she was not working. In September 2008, the Teave family found a great house to rent, not only was the home beautiful, but they thought the landlords were also nice. Two months had passed and Mommy was starting a new job, Daddy's work was going well, and baby Boy had just started crawling.

November 2008: Foreclosure


Then, on one sunny day in November, Mommy, Daddy, and the baby all came home from a nice relaxing day only to find a FORECLOSURE notice taped to their front door. Devastated and confused, this little family decided to speak to the homeowners. According to them, everything would be just fine and the "BANK" had made a mistake on their home loan. So, this little family went on with their lives as usual expecting the homeowners would keep them updated.

February 2009: Mommy Laid-off & Pregnant

A few months had gone by and Baby Boy turned one, and started walking and talking. All in all, things were happy and normal in this small family. Until one sad day in February 2009, Mommy got laid off! Mommy's work was just too slow. Along with all the other hundreds of people getting laid off at the time, so did this Mommy. Being the way they were, this young family did not let one small bump in the road slow them down. So a couple months passed and things were looking better because Baby Boy was going to be a BIG BROTHER.

May 2009: Rock Bottom

Suddenly, when things were going so good, this small family's world came crashing down. The homeowners came and said “you have 3 days to get out,” we are being evicted. Three days! What? This family was shocked, scared, and worried for they had nowhere to go. They had just paid rent, the car payment, and the phone bill, so it was the worst time of the month financially. Since Daddy was working those next three days, Mommy and Baby Boy started packing.

Well, that third day came around and Mommy and Daddy had everything packed, but still had nowhere to live or put all their things. So mommy was forced to rent a U-haul. With the assistance of her sister, they packed the U-haul and what they could not lift they left for Daddy when he returned from work. (Keep in mind Mommy was four months pregnant at the time.)

Everything is packed and cleaned, so Mommy and Daddy went to talk to the homeowners and ask for their deposit back, at this time they were desperate for that deposit. But the homeowners refused to give it to them. So Mommy and Daddy went to the U-haul and put their sleeping baby into his car seat and prepared to sleep in the truck for that night. Well, no sheriff came that night to do the lock out as the homeowners had promised. Mommy and Daddy got some blankets and went back into the house and slept on the floor.

The next night Mommy was in terrible pain and went to the UCI emergency room, where she found out that in the process of all the packing and heavy lifting she had torn her uterus and now had internal bleeding. There was not much the doctors could do, so they sent this scared Mommy home, well to the floor of an empty house.

For the following few days they slept on the floor, until finally the sheriff came and did the lockout, now they really had nowhere to go. The kind neighbors across the street had so kindly given this young family enough money to put them up in a small hotel for a couple of nights.

At this time, Mommy was super sick with the flu, Daddy was working like crazy to get enough money to feed his small family for the next few days as they were officially on the streets. And Baby Boy you ask? Well he was a happy Boy on a usual basis, but this whole situation had made him so disoriented and cranky, he was not his happy little self. It was official this little family had come to rock bottom. They had run out of money for the hotel stay and food. So, to the car they went.

1 Week Later: Guardian Angel


When their resources had completely run out, another sweet neighbor had called a wonderful woman at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove. Like a guardian Angel, this wonderful, caring, compassionate woman from the Boys & Girls Clubs pulled some strings and was able to get the family sponsored for a hotel stay for a few days. This Guardian Angel kept tabs and checked in with them every day, making sure they were okay and at the same time, trying all she could to find them a place to stay. When the hotel stay was over, back to the car it was. So Mommy, Daddy and Baby Boy spent the night in the car.

The next day, the Guardian Angel had great news. She secured for us an affordable apartment and set us up food and basic necessities. Things were finally looking better. Mommy and Daddy were settled into their new place and at the same time keeping in touch with this Guardian Angel.

June 2009: Gratitude

Well, the day came when Mommy and Daddy went down to the Boys & Girls Clubs to say thank you and were able to meet this wonderful lady face-to-face for the first time. The meeting was a beautiful thing. If it was not for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove, who knows what would have become of this small family. The Boys & Girls Clubs was such a blessing, so kind and considerate that this family could not thank them enough.

August 2009: Life is Wonderful

How is this young family today? Wonderful! Baby Boy is going to be a Big Brother! Mommy is due any day now. While Daddy is still working so hard to support his family, mommy is actively searching for a job and chasing a happy Boy around the house. As for the Guardian Angel you ask ... they remain friends and keep each other updated at least once a month.

This is a happy ending to a sad story. But this happy ending would not have been possible without the help of the good people at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove. A sincere thank you to all the people who helped this family out, they are forever grateful. 



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