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The Club helps me stay active and focused on my dream.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Written by Cythina
3rd Grader at Main Branch

Main Branch has been my second home for 3 years now. I love the Club because there are a lot of fun activities such as computers, science, and sports. Kids should join the Club since it is open to everyone. The Boys & Girls Clubs bus can even pick up lot of kids from their schools. Plus, the Club is much more fun than staying at home. It’s easy to finish homework, especially since there are a lot of staff members ready to help.


My favorite activities are handball, tetherball, soccer, baseball, and volleyball. I am a champion at handball and baseball. In the second grade, I made a home run on one hit. Boys like to have me on their team, but I play sports for the fun of it, not for winning. If we lose, it’s okay. I am a good sport and tell the winning team they had a nice play.


The Club helps me stay active and focused on my dream. Since I was five years old, I wanted to become a professional dirt bike rider. I first learned how to ride a bicycle at two years old. My dad trusts me because when I fall it’s no big deal, I get back up. I wear all the equipment I need. I watch professionals and learn tricks such as knick-knacks and 360 degree flips. Anytime I get hurt, I just get back up and try again.


If you are thinking of joining the Club, don’t wait. Each day is filled with fun activities, new friends, friendly staff, and the extra support you need to reach your dreams.

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