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I am pretty proud of myself. I now see that I have done so much for my community.

As June 20th nears, Garden Grove seniors are preparing for the most important day of their young lives-high school graduation.  Among the graduating seniors are BGCGG’s very own Keystoners Jessica D. and Lucero A.  With graduation approaching, the two are planning for their move up north for college in the Fall.  Although busy preparing for festivities, the two reflect on their achievements in high school and in United Keystone. 

After turning in her letter of intent to University of California at Santa Cruz, Lucero is busy wrapping up her senior year with finals, applying for financial aid, looking for a summer job, applying for student housing, and taking the required steps to start her college career.  Lucero glows as she talks about the day she first set foot on UC Santa Cruz’s campus and the day she decided that it was where she wanted to attend college.

“The campus is really beautiful. I am excited to live in the dorms and learn how and be more independent,” said Lucero.

The young senior says being apart of Keystone has provided experiences that she will always remember. Keystone Club has a strict GPA requirement and holds the members responsible for fulfilling their duties as successful student.

“Being a Keystoner has taught me great skills such as teamwork, communications, and really helps prepare for later on.  When I was applying to college, the staff helped me take the necessary steps,” said Lucero.  Lucero will be focusing on her general education as a UC Santa Cruz Freshman and is excited to explore the different college major options.

Keystone President Jessica Duarte is already looking for jobs and internships around her university of choice, California State East Bay. Jessica will be majoring in Forensic Chemistry with a Minor in Broadcast Journalism.

While working on her studies, Jessica D. hopes to continue giving back to the community by working as a staff member at a Boys & Girls Club near her university.  The Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove has been a second home to Jessica, and she looks forward to providing that for others.

“Being apart of Keystone has taught me to be a leader, independent, and has helped me by always supporting me in my decisions for my future. I’ve learned that all my decisions do affect me,” said Jessica, “I chose to make Boys & Girls Clubs apart of my life because I’d rather be here spending my time being productive and with friends who are like my family. Boys & Girls Clubs is my second home.”

Before this past year, Jessica didn’t have much to list on her senior card as awards, achievements, and recognition. “I never received any awards, until this year. This year in Keystone brightened up my year because I received much recognition such as BGCGG Youth of the Year. I never thought I would be able to do all the things I did,” said Jessica, “I am pretty proud of myself. I now see that I have done so much for my community, and being able to represent my Keystone Group is also a great opportunity and experience for me.”

Both seniors say they owe much of their success to the Santiago Keystone advisors.  “For my staff, I would like to tell thank you for all they’ve done, always being there for us and great support,” said Jessica.

Congratulations to both teens for their upcoming college journey and for coming this far and graduating high school. From everyone at BGCGG, we are so proud of you. 

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