Early Childhood Program


Early Childhood Program offers licensed Full Day Preschool for children 18 months to 5 years old. The Program utilizes the California Early Development System, which includes areas in Social & Emotional, Language & Literacy, Cognitive, and Physical Development. These areas of focus prepare children entering Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten.

The program provides a safe and loving environment with certified teachers who help guide learning exploration for proper development. For more information, please contact the site.

Program Philosophy

BGCGG Early Childhood Program views young children as unique individuals who are filled with a sense of wonder and a love of learning. Our educators work collaboratively with families to provide rich and engaging learning experiences in a safe, nurturing environment to help children reach their full potential.

Program Descriptions

Toddler Program
The Toddler Program offers a loving, caring, and nurturing environment for children to feel safe and secure in a small group setting. Supported by staff, children learn and discover each day through their own exploration with learning activities. Our staff build strong partnerships with families to support the individual child’s optimal development.

Preschool Program
Each child has opportunities to create and explore the environment, learn problem solving, build personal & social interaction skills, and understand concepts through hands-on activities. Children develop positive self-concepts through both child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Through partnerships with families, staff support the individual child to develop the foundations of learning for success in school.

Our Centers

Clinton Corner Head Start
Toddler Program (18-35 months old) 13581 Clinton Street, Garden Grove, CA 92843 | 714-719-6190 | clintoncorner@bgcgg.org

Family Campus Site
Toddler Program (18-35 months old) Preschool Program (3-5 years old) 10540 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840 | 714-741-0970 | familycampus@bgcgg.org

Skylark Site
Preschool Program (2-5 years old) 11250 Mac Murray Street, Garden Grove, CA 90841 | 714-719-1648 | skylark@bgcgg.org

Admission Procedures for Fee Based Programs

Skylark Site follows a Garden Grove School District school year calendar. Family Campus Site provides a year-round program. Enrollment is processed when space is available in the age appropriate classroom. When classrooms reach maximum enrollment, children may be placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is continuously updated.

Enrollment Process
Family will receive notification by phone to process enrollment when an open space is available for the child. Families are required to pay the non-refundable registration fee before receiving an enrollment packet. Families will receive the packet and will set up an orientation appointment. The completed enrollment packet will be required for the family to bring to an orientation appointment.

Admission Procedures for State Subsidized Program

Eligibility Lists
Early Childhood Program Sites accept walk-ins and maintain an Eligibility List for the State Subsidized Program. All families are ranked based on family eligibility, gross income, and family size.

  • Family must complete an “Eligibility Questionnaire for State Subsidized Program” and attach documentation of family monthly income.
  • Family will be contacted regarding eligibility for the program within Five (5) business days.
  • Family will be contacted to process enrollment when appropriate space is available in the program.

The State Subsidized Program follows the priority:

  • Families whose children are receiving child protective services or are at-risk of being abused, neglected, or exploited, as documented by a legally qualified professional.
  • Families who are placed on the lowest rank on our Eligibility List.

Notification Process
Families will receive notification by phone to process enrollment when an open space is available for their child. Documentation will be requested for the family to bring to the first enrollment appointment. Families will be scheduled for a second appointment to complete all required paperwork. During certification, parents and staff will complete the Application for Services.

Admission Procedures for Clinton Corner Head Start

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Contact Us

Sarah Pham, Early Childhood Program Director
10540 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, CA 92840
714-530-0430, 1909