After-School Youth Programs at 56 School Sites

Boys & Girls Clubs of Garden Grove offers high quality, impactful after-school programming on a large majority of school campuses across Garden Grove Unified School District (GGUSD). Students in grades K-12th attending one of the qualified schools listed below are eligible to attend the after-school program on their respective campus. These school-based programs are offered free of charge in partnership with GGUSD and are funded by After School Education Safety (ASES), 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC), After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETs) programs, and Extended Learning Opportunity Programs (ELOP).

Students enrolled in our ASES/21st CCLC/ASSETS programs attend the after-school program immediately upon school dismissal until 6:00 p.m. ASES programs provide academic assistance, distance learning support, an opportunity for students to participate in physical activities, high-quality enrichment programs and activities, and a daily snack. Enrollment at many of our ASES programs is limited. If you are interested in enrolling, please contact the site supervisor at your respective school or contact our office at (714) 530-0430.

Monroe Elementary is a fee-based dual immersion program, which fosters bilingualism, bi literacy, enhanced awareness of linguistic, and cultural diversity, and high levels of academic achievement of instruction in two languages.

Learn more about the need and impact of our School Based Programs. Download our program evaluation guide.

Program Evaluation Guide

Elementary School Registration Form


Elementary Cell Phone
Allen 657-569-5822
Anthony 714-376-0596
Brookhurst 714-497-7360
Barker 657-569-5771
Bryant 714-719-1634
Carrillo 714-376-7767
Clinton 714-497-7638
Cook 714-430-0629
Crosby 714-376-0628
Enders 657-569-5388
Eisenhower 714-705-5766
Evans 714-376-0535
Excelsior 714-864-6148
Faylane 714-376-7143
Garden Park 657-243-7517
Gilbert 714-376-7349
Hazard 714-376-7173
Heritage 714-719-1693
Hill 714-376-7352
Lawrence 714-497-7505
Marshall 714-376-7288
Mitchell 714-376-8197
Monroe 714-719-1543
Morningside 714-719-1641
Murdy 714-376-5906
Newhope 714-376-7651
Northcutt 714-376-0547
Paine 714-376-8072
Parkview 714-206-0062
Patton 714-581-3476
Peters 714-260-5447
Post 714-376-7366
Riverdale 714-376-8501
Rosita 714-719-1656
Russell 714-719-1683
Simmons 714-376-7856
Stanford 714-376-7708
Stanley 714-317-9561
Sunnyside 714-376-7593
Violette 714-260-5186
Wakeham 714-376-7983
Warren 714-317-1148
Woodbury 714-376-7985
Zeyen 714-719-1654

Intermediate School Registration Form

Intermediate Cell Phone
Alamitos 714-719-1695
Doig 714-719-1664
Fitz 714-719-1652
Irvine 714-260-5660
Jordan 714-719-1671
Lake 714-376-0974
McGarvin 714-376-7108
Ralston 714-376-0764
Walton 714-260-3459

High School Registration Form

High School Cell Phone
Los Amigos 714-589-9171
Santiago 714-467-6702

How do I enroll in an ASES program?

  • Check the list of sites above to make sure that an ASES program is offered at your child’s school.
  • Download our registration form and complete both sides.
  • Contact the Site Supervisor at your child’s school to submit the completed form or drop the form off at the front office at your student’s school. A member of our team will contact you to confirm receipt of your application and to discuss a possible start date for your student.

How limited is enrollment in the ASES programs?

  • Enrollment can vary by site, but every program has a limit as to the number of students enrolled. If a program is full, students will be placed on a wait list. Students on the wait list will be contacted by a member of our team as soon as space in the program becomes available.

Why are students required to be in the program until 6:00 pm?

  • ASES programs are grant funded. The grant requires that students enrolled in the program attend regularly and that they take part in the entirety of the program in order for the program to achieve the desired results. Leaving the program early or being absent does not necessarily prevent a student from being accepted into the program. Parents are encouraged to speak with the Site Supervisor at their respective school site to discuss early release and absences.